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“There are so many good things to share about Sandeep from my first own experience. It’s true that his equipment and instruments are bit expensive, but when we see, IVF field is something which is result oriented, I think we should always prefer to buy something best from such company, that also provides service in odd hours in rainy days. Being a biomedical engineer beside a proprietor of his own company STech, is same as a hospital run by a Medico person. We all know what are the benefits of it.. My own Lab and many known Labs, where I visited before, have been made totally, starting from Lab designing, to equipment installation and consumables, STech has given his best and best part is we all are more than happy to be associated with his company till date and definitely wish him and his phenomenal team members and engineers (I think he has accumulated all the best IVF Equipment engineers of India!) all the very best and proudly recommend Stech for any upcoming IVF Centers or old IVF Lab for Upgradation … It has truly been an honour to know Sandeep as a person and as a best biomedical engineer in IVF Field. No question about it…”

Dr. Rahman
Founder & Director, Cradle

Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon & Infertility Specialist

“It has been nearly 2 decades, since I know Mr. Sandeep Tawte. In my early career days as an Embryologist, he was already synonymous to Mr. Dependable Engineer for any troubleshooting of any make of any instruments/ equipment regardless of his company of interest. This particular quality of thinking customer’s interest more than his own interest, and delivering quality work/ service in stipulated time (even in this Covid-19 Pandemic period, when companies were not providing any support in mid 2020, he literally flew to us and attained an important service call, exactly same like pre pandemic period), made him and his company a big name of trust in India and abroad. He literally delivered his service till date, 2021, without any delay, within 24 hrs TAT or even in over night sometimes. While I used to do freelancing in remotest part of India, in a case, he flew in next day early morning and fixed the machine in an hour, while I gave him a SOS call just at previous late night. This after sells service made him different always. I must thank his better half Mrs. Shravani Tawte, who is also his abled business partner, for such wonderful cooperation always. Even when, we don’t get him on phone, during Sandeep’s air travel, his phone, without fail, always lands up to Mrs. Shravani, and she never failed to not only answer, but also provide solutions. Amazing couple.. a perfect Life partner.”

Dr. Parag Nandi
Scientific Director, Cradle

Clinical Embryologist