We accompany you every step of the way – from the installation and maintenance of your lab instrument.

Designing of an IVF Lab as per ICMR / ESHERE Guidelines.

Equipments Sales, Installation & Service

Specialty Equipments Manufacturing

Validation & Annual Quality Control Services

Guidance & Training on Instrumentation

Identifying & Solving Embryology Related Issues

Embryologist Training in Collaboration

Comprehensive Range & of Services

Apart from sales of IVF related equipments & products, we at STECH IVF also provide a comprehensive range of services for all your IVF related requirments.

  • Conducting Feasibility Studies
  • Preparing Project Reports
  • Conducting Site Surveys with the help of expert Architects, Clinicians & Embryologists
  • Designing & Executing Labs for Modular Projects
  • Selecting & Sourcing the right Equipment for your requirements
  • Arranging Training for your Clinicians & Embryologists whether in India or abroad
  • Installing your Equipments & providing Equipment Handling Training to your team
  • Providing Quality Control Checking Services for VOC, pH, Humidity, Temperature, Hygiene of Surface / Water, Particle Count of all HEPA Filtration Systems
  • Ensuring regular, uninterrupted Supply of Disposables for your ongoing operations

No matter what your requirements regarding IVF, we at STECH IVF are always ready to serve you.


Antimicrobial Wall Cladding/Modular Lab

MicroGuard antimicrobial wall cladding, makes easy work of hygiene compliance to the highest standards at medical facilities. Compared to conventional wall claddings, MicroGuard offers a huge number of advantages, waging war on microbes with its specially designed surface.

  • Antimicrobial effect also effective against MRSA
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly chemical-resistant
  • Extremely scratch-resistant
  • Super Hydrophobic
  • Ray Hardened Surface
  • Nanoscale microstructure which produces a low surface tension of <18 mN/m.