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No matter what your requirements regarding IVF, we at STECH IVF are always ready to serve you.

Project Feasibility
Site Survey
Lab Design & Exectuion
Equipment Selection & Supply
Clinicial & Embryologist Training
Disposables Supply
Installtion & Training
Quality Control Check

Comprehensive Range & of Services

Apart from sales of IVF related equipments & products, we at STECH IVF also provide a comprehensive range of services for all your IVF related requirments.

  • Conducting Feasibility Studies
  • Preparing Project Reports
  • Conducting Site Surveys with the help of expert Architects, Clinicians & Embryologists
  • Designing & Executing Labs for Modular Projects
  • Selecting & Sourcing the right Equipment for your requirements
  • Arranging Training for your Clinicians & Embryologists whether in India or abroad
  • Installing your Equipments & providing Equipment Handling Training to your team
  • Providing Quality Control Checking Services for VOC, pH, Humidity, Temperature, Hygiene of Surface / Water, Particle Count of all HEPA Filtration Systems
  • Ensuring regular, uninterrupted Supply of Disposables for your ongoing operations

No matter what your requirements regarding IVF, we at STECH IVF are always ready to serve you.


Antimicrobial Wall Cladding/Modular Lab

MicroGuard antimicrobial wall cladding, makes easy work of hygiene compliance to the highest standards at medical facilities. Compared to conventional wall claddings, MicroGuard offers a huge number of advantages, waging war on microbes with its specially designed surface.
Silver ions can tie nonspecifically to the cell surface and disrupt the cell membrane to enter the microbe and dis-organise the membrane structure

Antimicrobial effect also effective against MRSA
Easy to clean
Highly chemical-resistant
Extremely scratch-resistant
Super Hydrophobic
Ray Hardened Surface
Nanoscale microstructure which produces a low surface tension of <18 mN/m.
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