S Micromanipulator

Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH-Germany Inverted Microscope Axio Vert A1

13mm focus lift with adjustable focus stop

Binocular phototube,45/23(50:50)

Green Filter,d=32x2mm,Neutral density filter 0.06

Optical equipment Phase contrast and PlasDIC

Objective LD A-Plan 5x/0.12 Ph1 M27,10x/0.25 Ph 1 M27 &20x/0.35 Ph1 M27

PlasDIC Module LD A-Plan 10x-63x for contrast slider 10x29mm

0.5X Reduction adaptor for camera


MO-20 3 Dimensional with Joy-Stick(Micromanipulator)

Universal Joint,X/Y/Z 20mm each,2mm one revolution handle,Joy-stick on X/Y plane 2mm/max

IA-1Pnematic Injector

Injection holder set,15mm

Glass stage warmer