pH Meter

Precise : Sub-micron accuracy

Make : RI

0 – 20ppm Qualitative VOC measurements

With the pH Meter 3 you can see the pH of a media sample during culture to better inform lab protocols and optimise conditions.

Accurate New digital pH Meter readings with excellent calibration response and repeatability

Make : Omega

Dual K type micro droplet thermocouple

Thermocouple offset Adjustment

Data Storage for 120 Samples

Protective Rubber cover

Auto-Range: 0.1/1° Resolution

Unique IVF culture dish design and improved robust probe

Compatible Suitable for use with all popular incubators including benchtop versions

Improved Usability Increased data storage plus new LCD display and user interface

The probe fits into all incubators and allows embryologists to obtain the correct pH & Temperature in the media without opening incubator door.