RI Micromanipulator

The definitive Micromanipulator – Integra 3

No Cold Spots : Thermosafe with a gentle stream of warm air under the Petridish

Practical : Motion sensor LED light underneath the stage for improved visibility when changing objectives

Integrated Stage : Bigger built-in mechanical XY stage Superfast

Improved rapid micropipette set-up with one-step angle adjustment

Colour touch screen : A 3.5 inch touch screen display can check temperature, track time with a stopwatch and count the number of injections done. The electronic height gauges track the vertical movement of the fine controller.

Shortcut video and images : shortcut buttons to film or photograph any stage of the process. There’s a stopwatch to keep track of timings too.

RI Viewer software : With RI Viewer you can use the shortcut keys and sync up with Saturn laser and IMSI systems.

Syringes : The Integra 3 includes two of our SAS air syringes as standard. Also available is the SAS-SE for superfine air control or our SOS oil syringe with a quick fill feature for minimum set-up time