Laser System (Saturn 5 Active)

Precise : Sub-micron accuracy

Curved Biopsy Mode : accurate laser drilling along a drawn straight or curved line.

Easy to Use : Intuitive RI Viewer software with streamlined user interface.

Safest Power : Lowest laser pulse times for minimal energy near critical cells.

Rapid : Faster than ever directional laser

Higher Laser Power : The Saturn 5 employs a higher laser power to apply less total energy to make a specified hole size, in comparison to lower power laser systems.

Always spot-on : As Saturn 5 pilot laser travels down the same fibre optic path as the ablation laser, it guarantees consistent positioning.

Software : Saturn 5 features class-leading software, RI Viewer. uncluttered full screen image, recording function, line measurement tools plus a built-in laser simulator for training and demonstration purpose