IVF Workstation 1

The ergonomic design, the number of various standard features like latest technology in air flow, air filtration and heat distribution, minimal vibrations and the low noise level makes the K-SYSTEMS® IVF Workstations the ideal solution in every IVF clinic.

K-Systems Workstations meet the requirement of relevant standards as ISO 14644-1 or EN 12469 for Class II cabinets.

The front window with the integrated Eye Draught Protection improves the comfort when operating the stereo microscope.

90 mm dia heated stage is integrated in the microscope light opening

The Gassing and Humidification System Maintain the pH in the media during operations.

The heated work area – The Alu Heat System for uniform and precise heat distribution in the work area.

In-built transmitted light source

In-built medical grade monitor is completely sealed to the backwall