Low gas consumption and low cost operation with integrated CO₂ / N₂ gas mixer

Grade A air quality circulates through HEPA/VOC filter and UV light ensures minimised airborne or cross contamination

continuous recirculation of chamber gas ensures sterility & low consumption

Significant space saving design with 10chambers & removable heating plates for falcon, nunc or vitrolife dishes

100% CO2 & 100% N2, No pre mixed gas necessary. Desired gas % can be set by the user

Fast recovery: CO2 < 2 min.; O2 < 4 minGas consumption: CO2 = 1 l/h; O2 = 12 l/m

Range: CO2 range: 2-10% ; O2 range: 2-20%

G185 ST

Continuous pH measurement based on infrared monitoring with online pH & temperature monitoring can be incorporated : optional