Eppendorf Micromanipulator

One Joystick for precise movement control in 4 axes: X, Y, Z and X/Z (axial)

Programmable Z-axis limit for preventing capillary breakage

Unique DualSpeed joystick for precise, instantaneous control and positioning using two different speed modes

Dynamic movement control for covering longer distances or speeding up sample processing.

Ergonomically shaped control panel for fatigue-free work

Simple and quick capillary and sample change using automated home function

Selection and programming of additional functions (e.g. storage of up to 5 positions, limit, Y-off)

Comfortable, individual speed adjustment

Easy adjustable angle from 0° to 90°

Swivel joint to allow for easy capillary and sample exchange

One-hand mounting of capillary holder

Swivel out function for easy capillary exchange.