CO2 Incubator

Model : ICO

Temperature range up to +50°C

4 model sizes (with a chamber volume of 56, 107, 156 & 241 litres)

Fail-safe, FDA-compliant logging of temperature, CO2, O2, humidity, open door time data

Battery-buffered Control COCKPIT The operating display, logging and CO2 control are fully functional even during a power failure

Active humidity control : optional

The interior chamber, including all installations and sensors, can be sterilised at +180°C

Electro polished, seamlessly welded chamber

Control of oxygen concentration by introducing nitrogen, adjustment range from 1 % to 20 % O2 : Optional

USB and Ethernet connections as well as a data logger with a ten-year storage capacity.

Data can be read and programmes can be uploaded by remote access

An alarm notification to your mobile phone guarantees the safety of your chamber load. The battery-buffered Control COCKPIT ensures fully functional CO2 control, even during power failures.

CellXpert 170i

3 Temperature sensors placed in 3 location & calculated mean value is controlled for accurancy


Easy to clean smooth, seamless chamber surface

Fanless design for vibration and turbulence protection

Interactive and clearly arranged 7” touch screen

Outer door with magnetic closure concept dual direction

inner door latches (pull or turn to open)

4 segmented inner doors Optional: 8 segmented

Four shelf provides more usable volume

Removable water tray

Access port 2 nos


Precise temperature by calculation mean value of 3 temperature sensor placed in different location

180°c High Temperature Disinfection (HTD)

Dual-channel sterilizable NDIR co2 sensor give more accuracy, fast recover and stable performance

Any time upgradable to oxygen control (Trigas) Humidity monitoring and water level sensor

Zirconium oxygen sensor for long life and accuracy


Itegrated USB port in front

BMS relay and 4-20mA interface optional

VisioNize online real time control systems


Push button interface

140°c High Temperature Disinfection (HTD)


Small CO2 incubator with total volume 48L /1.7ft with high usable space

Seamless stainless steel chamber, 120c sterlization (4 h), 2 segmented inner door (optional)

Large LCD display with push button interface

Six-sided direct heating (including window)

Enhanced vibration and turbulence protection

Integrated alarm/building management system (BMS) relay & 72 -hour log

Low gas consuption

Optional 120 c sterilization, 2-segmented inner door, 02 control (for hypoxic experiments), humidity monitorign, stacking kit